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Learning about sustainability starts with everyday practice.  We believe environmentally sustainable practices should be embedded into the operations of our service and we are committed to protecting our environment, ensuring a sustainable future for our children.  We strive for continual improvement around sustainable practices and at all levels we aim to have families, children and other stakeholders of our service be on the same wavelength with sustainable practices.


Here are some of the ways in which we embed sustainability at our service;

  • Participation in the Little Green Steps program
  • Modern Cloth Nappies with bio-degradeable disposable liners instead of Disposable Nappies
  • Recycling station to encourage children to reduce, reuse and up-cycle
  • Mini compost bins in our kitchen to reduce food waste
  • Compost bins outside
  • Grow our own food – vegetables and fruit
  • Chickens and Rabbits
  • Worm farm and worm towers in all garden beds
  • Established community garden
  • Native Stingless Bees
  • Bush tucker plants in our yard
  • Make our own natural citrus peel and vinegar cleaner which we give to our families to use
  • Native plants and grasses within play space
  • Watering System installed to minimize water waste
  • Lights off when not in use
  • Air conditioners not used unless necessary
  • Echo friendly chemicals
  • Backyard in a box collection to embed learning about sustainability in our curriculum.
  • Digital documentation
  • Recycled paper for arts and crafts
  • Water tank
  • Taps with timers installed in children's bathrooms
  • Dual flush toilets installed
  • Solar panels
  • Use washing line and clothes airers as opposed to dryer (where possible)
  • Only natural materials or recycled biodegradable materials used for equipment in the rooms (when re-purchasing resources).
  • Reusable cloths and mops for cleaning
  • Clean up Australia Day participation
  • Clothing Bin for Anglicare located on site
  • Grow Living food for pets at service
  • Eceen membership

Practices to be embedded soon

  • Larger Scale Community Garden to be designed and implemented next to the church with Sydney West Permaculture
  • Facewashers and re-useable cloths used instead of baby wipes

Our service is committed to preserving our environment and making changes that will reduce our carbon foot print.