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School Readiness and Transition to School

From the literature; we know school readiness is all about children having well developed social and emotional skills, communication skills and for them to be independent with self-help and hygiene skills. School readiness is not just a program implemented in the preschool room, it begins in the baby’s room where children are learning about interacting with one another, sitting down to listen for a group time or learning how to communicate when they are feeling emotional. These are all critical school readiness skills and we teach them through the use of puppets in play. Our puppets are called Kimochi’s and you will notice there is a set of them in each room. The other way we teach school readiness is through play based learning.

Below is a summary of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about preparing children for school;

  • Sound knowledge and development of Social Emotional skills
  • Sound Communication Skills
  • Self-Help and independent skills.
  • Every child is unique in their learning journey. Please do NOT compare them to others!
  • Children learn best through Play based environments – not instructional teaching as done in big school.
  • Children need to learn to walk before they can run! The same applies to school readiness. E.g. They need to learn to hold a pencil and develop a strong grasp and strong fine motor skills before you can expect them to write.
  • Parents are children’s primary educator and early childhood professionals are their secondary educators. The learning must be implemented at home as well as the early learning environment 

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