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Computer Gym

Computer Gym offers children a wealth of learning opportunities, through weekly lessons held by the Computer Gym team at the centre during operational hours. Their proven approach builds on the preschool programme to provide:

  • Confidence with computer terminology and operation - vital for their schooling
  • A focus on fun while learning in small, dynamic groups
  • Specialised teachers on hand to ensure each child makes the most of their learning opportunities
  • A large variety of software, extending each child’s skills through their specially developed curriculum.

Computer Gym lessons include a huge range of skills and topics. Their curriculum has been designed by Australian teachers to build on the learning programmes that each child is currently receiving at our service. Computer Gym reviews and selects the finest Australian and international children’s software and incorporate the best sections into their curriculum. As a result, each child participating in their programs has access to hundreds of great skill building opportunities.

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