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Blue Wren Room 2-3 years

Our program for the 2-3 years’ room focuses on preparing the children to be independent learners with well-established communication, emotional and social skills.  We strive to provide opportunities for our children to practice these skills through play, which is why our 2-3 environment has been specifically designed with toddlers in mind.

Our environment consists of;

  • Introduction of the Kimochi Kit to help toddlers understand all about emotions. The kimochi puppets, teachers guide and story books are used in both the play environments and structured learning during group times to allow the children to develop an understanding of basic emotions.
  • A large playroom that is divided into smaller learning spaces to encourage children to develop their social, emotional and communication skills through play. The room is set up to be an additional ‘educator’ in the room consistent with Reggio practices. This gives the educators so many opportunities to play and extend children’s learning through interactions and intentional teaching moments.
  • A large bathroom fully equipped with 6 small toilets and hand basins and a large nappy change unit. This space provides opportunities for children to learn about toilet training and independent self-care with toileting through a social approach. The taps in the hand basins are equipped with timers so children can learn about reducing water wastage and each toilet is equipped with a dual flush system. This bathroom has a shower facility to cater for children’s needs if they are sick or soiled.
  • Hydration station for children to place their drink bottles on so they have access to safe drinking water throughout the day. The educators teach the children about looking after their own belongings and not sharing bottles to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Salt Lamps in the playing area to assist with air purification, creating a more comfortable space for toddlers to breathe when they sleep and play.
  • Classroom pets for hands on learning. The 2-3 room have a fish tank with three fish. They learn to care for the animals, interact with them gently and develop respect for natural elements of the environment. 
  • A sensory approach to learning which encourages children to explore their senses. In the 2-3 age group, children still learn a lot through exploring the world with their senses and it’s important to provide opportunities for this to occur.
  • Renovated yard The large backyard was designed by The Tradie Ladies and is completely renovated to a natural playspace which provides children with many opportunities to explore and learn through nature. With many hiding nooks and gardens that inspire wonder as well as sensory components of the yard, the children will be able to extend on their social, emotional and communication skills as they interact with each other and the environment. This space is shared with the preschool children and the babies as well.

* If you would like to view work completed by the Tradie Ladies please follow them on the FaceBook link here